LD111F15 – 150X90

Product description

Glass shower cabin made of 8mm tempered safety glass
Shower panel made of mineral cast
completely dyed material
real “stone feeling” through solid stone
Semi-gloss finish (semi-gloss)
right version
massive metal fittings and hinges
high quality chrome fittings with thermostat
XXL rain shower
illuminated ceiling sky (indirect lighting)
Computer-controlled control panel for convenient and easy operation
digital temperature and time control
3 kW steam generator
Design steam outlet with aroma bowl (for use with fragrances)
Overheating protection and dry running protection
Color light with fade function (for smooth transitions)
glass flush hinges
Handheld shower
ozone disinfection
built-in clock
Maintenance-friendly technology – The valves and the steam generator are easily accessible
Music system via Bluetooth – just stream your favorite music or internet radio from your smartphone
Headroom in the cabin about 200cm
without shower tray (shower tray optionally available)
1483mm x 883mm x 2155mm (length x width x height)
The given dimensions refer to a mounting without shower tray
Own spare parts storage and competent technical support. Of course we offer a spare parts service even after the warranty period

  • LD111F15 – 150X90
  • LD111F15 – 150X90
  • LD111F15 – 150X90
  • LD111F15 – 150X90
  • LD111F15 – 150X90
  • LD111F15 – 150X90